Trees for Life

Trees for Life project illustrates that land rehabilitation doesn’t need to be expensive. We understand the benefit of trees to the land and that people can assist in creating better soils and future-proofing sites from climate issues by planting trees. 

Trees for Life also highlights that sustainability is dependent on the motivation and generosity of citizens, communities, artists, and scientists working together to redefine the challenges of climate change and to foster the next generation with the idea that we can make an impact through climate art and other creative approaches.

Tree Circles and Trees for Life project are led by climate design and media artists, Sylvia Grace Borda (Canada) and J.Keith Donnelly (UK) working with partners in the UK (Dundee UNESCO City of Design, Dundee City Council, Scotland), Ethiopia (ROBA – Rural Organisation for the Betterment of Agro-Pastoralists ) and Canada (Institute for Sustainable Horticulture, Kwantlen Polytechnic University) to creatively respond to global issues of climate change.  

ROBA Center Tree Nursery
Abaro Kebele Fruit Nursery

We are grateful to all of the organizations that continue to contribute to our mission of education, health care, food security and natural resource management.

Our past and current donors and partners are responsible for the success of our initiatives.