Rural Organization for Betterment of Agro-Pastoralists


An Indigenous community based not-for-profit organization legally established by local people in 1999 and reregistered as an Ethiopian Resident Charity in 2009


ROBA aspires to see an end to illiteracy, disease and hunger for agro-pastoralists


ROBA exists to support and compliment the effort of government and agro-pastoralist communities in the fight against illiteracy, disease and hunger through support and promotion of rural education, health care, agriculture and natural resource management 


Executive Director

Board Chairman

Deputy Board Chairman

Board Secretary

Board Members

Mr. Hussein Watta

Mr. Salihu Sultan

Mr. Jayian Gishu

Mr. Edao Tessa

Mr. Adem Dheko

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed

Mr. Amano Guru

Mr. Bakali Kalaka

Mrs. Garibe Taffassa

Mr. Garoma Morka